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Splashback Glass
From beautiful subtle tones to deliciously vibrant colours or stunning images on glass Bay Glass will custom make your splashback to your requirements.  Bring your interior design to life with impeccable, creatively finished glass. Whether you are designing a kitchen, bathroom, laundry or commercial interior, using our special coatings our team can paint any colour or print any image directly onto the back of toughened glass.
Glass is one of the most common materials for splashbacks in New Zealand.  With its strength and cleaning properties, combined with an almost unlimited choice of colours or beautiful images your splashback can produce the ‘wow’ factor to any area where it is applied.  We can offer a variety of finishes and unique paint applications and textured glass options allowing you the freedom to create a truly original splashback.
Textured glass is used to promote depth and liveliness.  There are textures with a wood grain and stone look, as well as uniformed lines and patterns, each offering all the benefits of a smooth glass face.  Any effects colour can be used on any type of textured glass, though some colours can transmit slightly differently when used on different types of glass.  We are happy to arrange for a sample to be viewed before you make your final decision.
Stunning digital images of artwork or photographs can be printed directly onto the back of glass creating your own focal point and a beautiful and inspiring environment for your kitchen, bathroom or commercial interior.  You image is protected from any splashes of food or oil and can be hygienically wiped down.  Glass is extremely durable and scratch resistant and is safe to place behind open gas elements – the perfect surface for a splashback.
Our experienced team of glass specialists will visit your place to help with ideas, answer questions and take accurate measurements.  A splashback combines low maintenance with a bacteria-free surface and unlike tiles, has no grout lines to scrub or whiten.
Not only behind the hob; cabinet doors with timber or aluminium frames look stunning with splashback glass.  You can also use splashback glass for the drawer fronts too and don’t forget the scullery or pantry area.  Splashback glass with its natural reflective quality will add light and a feeling of space.
Most splashback orders can be installed within two weeks from ordering. 
For ideas of the range available visit Glass Art We are sure there will be something that catches your attention.