Retrofit Double Glazing

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Retrofit Double Glazing
Transform your entire home within days. Our quick clean process means you and your family can live comfortably all year round.
New homes are double glazed and yours can be too. Bay Glass Kerikeri are your local specialists for Retrofitting Double Glazing to most existing Aluminium or Timber joinery.
Retrofitting is the process of replacing your existing single glazing with genuine Insulated Glass Units (Double Glazing) using beads and adaptors to hold a double glazed unit in place within your existing window and door frames. New Zealand’s climate demands that our homes are well insulated during the colder months. Double Glazing will improve your home environment by reducing condensation, assisting with noise reduction and improving insulation resulting in a healthier home. Double Glazing can help reduce your energy consumption, saving you money with lower power bills for heating and cooling your home.

A double glazed window is where two panels of glass are bonded together with a sealed gap between them that contains either air or argon gas. The air space between the two panels of glass can be varying between 6mm to 12mm and can also be gas filled. The wider the gap the greater the thermal and acoustic benefits.

The performance of your double glazing can be enhanced by using different combinations of glass types. The use of Low emissivity (Low E) coatings and argon gas, help ensure our double glazed windows and doors keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round. Other types of glass can also be incorporated into the double glazed window, to provide solar control and noise reduction through the use of an acoustic laminated glass.

Say goodbye to constantly dripping windows, annoying exterior noise and high heating costs. Retrofitting with double glazing does not involve intrusive installation. Our glazing system leaves your windows in place and causes minimal disruption. This means minimal changes to the appearance of your house at a cost less than that for full replacement of your joinery. Our installation team leave your home as they found it – with the exception of your new double glazed windows.

Installation of your new double glazing from acceptance of your quotation may take 4 to 6 weeks, however our installation team can fully Retroglaze an average 3 bedroom house in 1 – 2 days.

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A single pane of glass provides very poor insulation because glass is a good conductor of heat. So much of the heat in your room literally goes out the window.

Install double glazing and you have a layer of air trapped between two panes of glass. Because air is a poor conductor of heat, much less heat is lost through the window.

If the inside of one sheet has Low E coating, even less heat is lost because the coating reflects heat back into the room.

Your home’s double glazing operates just like fibreglass batts and woollen clothing. It traps a layer of air between two panes.
Air is a very poor conductor of heat, so the trapped layer sets up a blanket of protection between cold air on one side and warm on the other.
Glass itself is a very good conductor. So in a home without double glazing, heat is going straight out the window.
Heating (or cooling) bills are reduced in the double-glazed home.