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Windscreens – Replacement and Repairs

All insurance work is undertaken for hassle free  professional windscreen replacements and stone chip repairs.  All your automotive glass and glazing requirements.  If you need glass for a car, bus, truck, digger caravan or boat our auto glazing team have got you covered.
You have the right to choose who repairs your windscreen!  Not all insurers make that clear to you.  At Bay Glass we will replace your automotive glass with quality products and offer a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.
Smashed windscreen or side window glass?  Broken wing mirror glass?  The professional auto glazing team at Bay Glass offer a fast and reliable windscreen replacement and vehicle glass replacement service. 
We offer a fully mobile onsite service in the area for all our automotive glazing services.
Expert stone chip repairs with the latest equipment will have you feeling safe again in no time, often we can ‘fit you in’ straight away.
Our experienced team will safely replace the glass for any vehicle.  We offer re-rubbering or re-sealing of glass if required for caravans and other recreational vehicles.
Front windscreens are generally made of laminated safety glass, which consists of two sheets of glass with a PVB (Polyvinyl Butytal) interlayer between them for safety.  In the case of breakage the glass is held in place by the interlayer, retaining visibility for the driver and providing excellent safety performance.  When the glass gets damaged or broken by impact the panels will remain ‘stuck’ to the interlayer therefore personal injury caused by broken pieces of glass is avoided and you can continue to run your vehicle until your replacement screen arrives.
What do I need to know about my windscreen to order one?

  • Vehicle Year, Make, Model and Registration Number
  • Whether your windscreen has any attachments such as a rain sensor, heater etc.
  • Whether your windscreen has other features such as acoustic glass, solar glass etc

To be accurate, there are 3 measurements that can be acquired to identify the correct windscreen
  • Width – measure across the widest point of the screen
  • Centre Height – measure top to bottom at the middle of the windscreen
  • Diagonal – measure from the top edge to bottom edge of the windscreen.

Occasionally we will need to ask you to bring in your vehicle for windscreen identification if we are unable to source it from the information provided.
Low-E Glass is now in stock for selected models!!!   If you are interested to see if this is available for your vehicle give us a call.
Low-E Glass is designed to block out more UV rays and infrared light from the sun than normal glass or solar glass does.  This ability to reflect away harmful UV rays, infrared light and glare off the road is good for your health, especially for those who spend long hours on the road.  Your vehicle will be noticeably cooler by 4 – 10 ° c.  The reflected rays will protect your skin and your vehicles interior.  Anti-glaring at night time.  Low-E weakens the dazzle from oncoming vehicles lights making driving a lot more comfortable and safer at night.